"The good old days....when we weren't good and we weren't old" Barbara Schwarz Moss 2010

We seem to all be suffering a common problem these days, WHERE DID OUR LIVES GO? Our brains seem to still be 18, but our bodies are talking a different language. Sarah Orne Jewett puts it much more eloquently than do I:

“Neither of my companions was troubled by her burden of years. I hoped in my heart that I might be like them as I lived on into age, and then smiled to think that I too was no longer very young. So we always keep the same hearts, though our outer framework fails and shows the touch of time.”


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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing out the Old Year!

Hope everyone has a very fun and SAFE New Year's Eve. In today's paper comes the sad news of the death of Chris Childress Maurer's sister, Carolyn who was a KHS71 member. Our condolences to Chris and their whole family. Also, someone recently asked me about the circumstances of Linda Barclay's death, so here is the obituary for her, not a recent death, but I didn't realize I still had the link to the obituary.

May we remember our deceased friends and family with love and peace and move forward to a better New Year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In the mail a few days ago appeared a mailing from Kirkwood School District Foundation. I know some of you are on this mailing list, but I imagine not everyone is. KSDF is a not-for-profit organization formed in 1989 to raise funds for educational programs and major projects in the Kirkwood School District. I was involved in the forming of KSDF and later served a term on the Board; it was actually an outcropping of trying to form an Alumni Association. They have embarked on a new project to help improve the outdoor physical education and sports facilities at KHS. We all know how important sports are to KHS but also to the students as individuals, I don't need to expound on that subject to OUR group! Installation of a synthetic playing surface on Lyons Field and replacing the 8 lane track along with ADA compliance updates are the beginnings of the new KSDF initiatives. Naturally donations are being solicited. Here is a fun way to help which I thought you might like to hear about:

Paving the Way, BUY A BRICK. One can order a personalized brick to recognize a special student, graduate, family, teacher or business. Each brick becomes a part of the KHS campus. You can visit to buy your brick. I hope many of you will consider this as a way to help KHS and maybe honor someone in your circle! Remember, in our lives we don't have to go all the way to that 6th ring to find someone! PLEASE SEE WWW.KHS65.COM FOR CAMPUS PIX TAKEN DURING OUR REUNION WEEKEND; HERE ARE PIX OF THE BRICKS AS WELL AS UP TO THE MINUTE PHOTOS OF THE NEW TRACK & FOOTBALL FIELD AS OF THIS SUMMER. The 45th reunion pix are all in the 2010 album.

KIRKWOOD'S WINNING TEAM Academics & Athletics


WOW, with, the KHS alumni commercial sites and good old Facebook, communicating is getting easier & easier. But nothing beats the good old MA BELL way. It was so good to hear Jim Day's voice yesterday. I was amazed at a few things he told me. We had a good chat about that favorite subject of mine, connections and classmates, you know, the old 6 degress of separation which in many of our lives in Kirkwood is only 1 or 2! Jim recently ran in to Mary Jane Fuchs, looking great as always. The amazing part is that her son is coaching his grandson in hockey... of course they are hockey superstars!!! I didn't realize (how the heck did I miss THIS?) that his #3 son, Adam, is the hockey coach at KHS! Three of Jim and Linda's boys went through the KHS hockey program, going to 3 state championships! Adam was coach at Vianney for 3 years until he was stolen by KHS. Jim said it so well, after all his boys benefitted from their KHS experiences, now Adam can give back. What a special way to think of it! Jim and Linda had 4 boys go through KHS and now, this will blow your minds, they have TEN grandkids in the Kirkwood schools. I think this must be some sort of record - sure deserves an award! And there's more, they have a farm in Owensville and within 1 mile of them are 14 Kirkwood families, three of which are from Craig Woods. AMAZING. This is but one of the best benefits of staying for a lifetime in one place - our life long friendships and relationships!

And speaking of communicating, I've given in and friended all of those who have kindly asked me to be their friends on Facebook, but I will be honest, I really don't have time to 'work' Facebook. It's way too 'in your face' for me. I keep hearing from people I don't know, finding pix of me that I hate, and so on and so on... so I hope you will follow us here at our own private KHS version of social networking! Send news and pix, send whatever you want. If you don't want it published, don't worry, I will honor your wish! Come reconnect big time IN THE FLESH at our summer reunioin! Jim and Linda will be there! THANKX for the call Jim!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

KHS at Carnegie Hall - How we can help

The KHS Orchestra is playing at Carnegie Hall in March; see previous post on this subject. You can go here to read about the concert next week, 12/22, to raise the final $3,000 to cover their expenses. Felicia Foland, Bassoonist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra is a great musician, a member of KHS77 and an all 'round great gal, is going to participate. The tickets are only $20 each and you can order them online and pick them up at the concert at the Keating Center at KHS. A great holiday treat and a chance to help KHS! Hope to see some of you there!

And while we're at it, here is a great article about the history of the Turkey Day Game that I think many of you will enjoy! Go here to check it out.

Hope your Christmas holidays are great!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I've had a very nice letter from Tim Lapping and want to share it with you all who knew Kathi Wick, our classmate and Tim's first wife and mother of son, TJ. "Leslie, The memorial was very sweet. It was here on our property as per Kathi's request along with our old friend and neighbor Rudy Horst and his wife Zet performing the ministerial duties. (Rudy & Zet married Ginny and me in 1992.) Rudy gave everyone a chance to speak and our granddaughter Cloe read the enclosed poem. It was beautiful! He sang Amazing Grace and we all walked back to the set up area behind the house. Beer, wine, food and more stories of Kathi. Her altar was loaded with past photographs. Many memories for me. I was touched! Her sister Chris, a nephew and niece, and cousin and aunt were here and really added a lot to the memorial. There were forty or fifty people here mostly from Ford. People I hadn't seen in so many years. A wonderful send-off!" Here is the obituary Tim sent along.
If anyone wishes to contact Tim directly, please let me know and I will give you his address, he is stickin' to his guns, no email! BE SURE TO OPEN THE POEM LINK AS THERE IS A PICTURE OF KATHI THERE TOO AND GO TO OLDER POSTS FOR AN EARLIER POST ABOUT KATHI.


I'm having a nostalgic day after the death day before yesterday of an inlaw, way too young, leaving young grandchildren who adored him. Been looking for weeks at my Brownie autograph book given to me by my Grandmother Vander Meulen for Christmas, 1956. I unearthed it recently when cleaning out some 'stuff' and just have to share. One thing I noticed is that several of my grade school pals didn't end up staying in school with us. I don't remember our 'crowd' back in those days being so mobile! And speaking of mobile, off subject for a second, I had a great chat today with Jane Via who lives in San Diego. She has been declared cancer free and is back to lawyering and conducting religious services to her flock every Sunday. She is trying to cut back on activities, a true Kirkwood girl...remember, they don't teach NO in the Kirkwood Schools, so we have to LEARN how to say NO to too many volunteer jobs!

Back to autographs, most of which are dated for extra fun. Sadly, all the adults who signed whom I know what happened to are gone, with the exception of the Lowe twins' parents (who signed my book too) who are still in their home on Horseshoe Drive and doing well.
Christmas, 1956
Sharon Lowe
Karen Lowe - Sue (I think she was having an identity crisis, we used to claim different names from time to time!)
Allison Rose (A Sugar Creek Ranch neighbor who moved away, I remember they used to vacation in Florida, she sent post cards!)
12/28/56 Vicki Warburton - anyone remember her? I really do NOT!
1/3/57 (although I wrote 56 - see, it starts young, those habit things)
Lydia Flanagan
Mattie Hall
Joyce Moller
Jeannette Klein
A HUGE signature in red pencil Jack P T - his personality was already's the largest signature in the book!
Jamie Linton
Lynn Blackwell
Anne Karin Smith + Nina Smith, her little sister - they lived right down Geyer Road from Lynn and had a wonderful older all brick two story home, which even then I coveted! I thought the Smith's house was just really the tops, except Lynn's, my real favorite! The Smiths moved pretty early on as I remember. Anne had very light blonde hair, very fair complected.
Harriette H[owell] who lived in Greenbriar. Once at Camp Cedarledge we gave her a green Coke bottle full of creekwater & tadpoles...she was thirsty and drank! Was she ever mortified when she found out!!!
Linda Girard & Sandra Klefler - two who have stayed all these years
Sandy Melton - another who left
Janet Wineman & Mary Clifton, two more who didn't go on with us (Janet's address is found on a slip of paper in the book in her handwriting - Miss Janet Wineman, C/o Alexander, 508 Elm St., Braintree, 84, MA)
Joyce Ker
Susan Hayes
Susan Fuchs
[the late] Linda Marshall - another neighbor on Horseshoe Drive, next door to the Lowes
Linda English, next door neighbor of Linda Marshall
Susie Hayes
Sandra Lynn Schneider & her step-dad Bill Diebel
Gail Sutton, whose family went to my church and they moved away
Peggy Jackson, seems she had dark auburn hair, I barely remember her do you?
Claudia Margedant
Jody Morelock, who lived in Craig Woods and moved away; her name was mentioned recently I think on our website maybe? I think she's in a class pic there, and word is that she was a girlfriend of Mike Caldwell onceuponatime!
Ronnie Persons
The late Wayne Stine
Bobby Vogt
Becky Smith, another who moved elsewhere
Larry Gibbons
Kathy Watts, what a doll she was, cute, dark short, bouncy hair. She moved too..
And here's Peggy Jackson again
And here is Sharon Lowe again who says "From your BEST friend", and here's her poem -
"Roses are red, violets are blue, the holes in your head I can see right through!" This is only ONE of this type of poem - they are all so funny, and amazingly at this early age, a LOT are about boyz n girlz stuff! We girls sure got boy crazy early! Hmmm seems I remember that a bit!

Butch Goodrich, another of our pals who moved before KHS, signed several times, all on undated pages. This one is of interest, Butch Goodrich & Linda Wagner.

Here's another crack up - undated, "Scott Heuer & Harriette (I hope)" - he was referring to Harriette Howell. Funny, in later life Scott lived just a few houses down from the Howell's house on Big Bend in Greenbriar.

Another from Butch, "To a real nice girl sometimes"
And another undated, Mrs. Ruth Kreinkamp, our school nurse. Her son Steve who graduated 4 or 5 years ahead of us, owns a large antiques mall on Interstate 70 at Kingdom City. A few years ago I stopped in on my way home from Columbia and had my car, with KHS65 license plate, parked right by the front door. A couple of minutes after I started looking down the aisles, over the loudspeaker came "Would the owner of the car with KHS65 MO license plates please come to the front desk?" I figured I dropped something or???? Anyway, it was Steve wanting to know who was in his store from Kirkwood. He was very surprised I remembered his mom from Robinson School!! hmm, a bit further on is Mrs. K's signature again, dated 3/26/59 - I must have been in the nurse's office trying to get out of GYM.....

Another undated, Paul Halwe on whom I had a huge crush! There are other entries, the crush was mutual!
"The boy who traded reports with you, Roger Little" wonder what that was all about????

Sue Kraft signed with a funny poem
and 2/6/59 Linda English with such foresight:
"Roses are red, violets are blue, your face looks like leather, straight from a shoe"

Gee, we were creative little kids weren't we???

Out of order on the last page, 11/30/57:
To Leslie,
"Now I lay me down to sleep, the old Ford car parked in the street If it should start before I wake, I pray the Lord slam on the brake. From Nancy Pease." I do not remember her or her name at all. Funny though, I had some good friends with that surname in later life. Neither of them had children, but they had some cousins who lived in Kirkwood.... hmmm....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I recently heard from classmate C. Diane Gaither West and want to share her greetings. She remarried 6 Jun 2008 and honeymooned in South Dakota! She retired in December, 2007, CONGRATS on all accounts! She met Jim in September, 2007 through an online private dating service! Way to GO Diane! Jim is a 6' 3" country boy, perfect for 6' Diane! He is a machinist who owns his own machine/welding shop across from their house (158 acre farm surrounded by deep woods with howling coyotes, wild deer, turkey buzzards, eagles, raccoons, opossums, foxes and other creepy crawlies and lovely birds. They grow corn...) Jim's brother who lives near Glacier National Park, MT farms the fields now as Jim, who is also an electrician, is busy with his shop and wiring their house, which he designed in 1990. And, I have to tell you what ELSE she said:
"For 40 years I looked for an old girlfriend; while reading your blog, there was her name..." It pays to Make KHS65 a HABIT! Thanks Diane for sharing...Diane lives in Iowa and can be found by sending us a message thru the website or the blog or email. So, you single guys and gals, try Diane's idea!


If you read the back posts, you'll learn about the first Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame instituted earlier this year. There will be new members added, and another induction banquet, every other year. In the intervening years, deserving alumni will be honored through the new Alumni Hall of Fame. The nomination form is found at Criteria are that the nominee must have graduated at least 10 years prior to nomination; High achievement in 1 or more recognized cultural fields such as art, music, theatre, dance, literature and others. Other criteria: Extraordinary success in trade, business or industry; significant contributions through charitable work or good deeds; excellence in service to a recognized profession such as law, education, medicine, science, journalism and others. You can download the form then mail it in.
This is an exciting way to honor and recognize Kirkwood citizens of note and I hope you will all give some thought to people you might know who deserve this honor.

Be sure to check out the latest issue of Webster-Kirkwood Times for a two page spread on Kirkwood School District activities - hint, time for turkey & football!!!


AUGUST 6, 7 & 8, 2010


No, we're not going to play soccer, but we are going to have a great Kirkwood weekend, so make plans now for your 2010 August Kirkwood getaway.

Stay tuned here or email to be sure you are on our email or snailmail list! IF YOU HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED A NOTIFICATION BY SNAIL MAIL, PLEASE EMAIL TO RECEIVE THE INVITATION.

Friday casual gathering at Jefferson Grill, next to PJs at 127 W Jefferson, Cash bar 6:30 to 11:30 pm

Saturday 6:30 open bar, dinner/buffet at 7:30; bar reopens 8:30 til 11:30.
#1 Soccer Park Road, Fenton 63026

Sunday, 11AM
Picnic main pavilion behind tennis courts, grilled burgers, dogs, soda and beer included in reunion cost, Picnic only $10.

Cost $70 per person includes all events.

Special rates available at two area hotels, contact us for details!

KHS65 Make it a Habit!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

KIRKWOOD Webster TIMES Travels with HOAGS

One can take a copy of the Webster Kirkwood Times along on a trip and have a photo taken with it for publication. It stays out on the online TIMES for awhile, and we had a link to it so you could see Pat n Dave, but alas, it's gone now! Bon Voyage to all of you who are traveling! Cheerio Aloha Ciao


One way to keep our memories sharp it to be reminded from time to time of things from our past. Continual exposure to old thoughts and memories brings them to the forefront of our minds and hopefully keeps our brains exercised! To help our aging classmates maintain good brainhealth, I offer the following interesting anniversary memory from Jim Olson regarding himself and Gary Schmidt - this was an email from Jim to Gary: "Gary - My brother called Saturday Oct 31st to remind me that it was the 45th anniversary of my winning the Missouri cross country championship in record time (and 43 seconds ahead of the number two guy) PLUS your shocking the sports world by running the race of your life to help KHS win the state title with a record low number.

Gee, it doesn't seem that long ago... although I am fuzzy on exactly who our top five guys were. You, Barrow, me...Bruckdorfer and Mills? I've been on too many teams and worked at too many ad agencies in too many cities that people's names are simply starting to get foggy in my brain."

Can you imagine what a high those guys must have experienced on that Halloween day so many years ago? According to Jim those records set that day probably lasted at least 10 years. The courses have changed over the years, so the records wouldn't be the same in today's world. And I must observe, how great that Jim's brother remembered and called to remind Jim.

Kathy Wick Lapping Sikes passes away 11/1/09

Tim Lapping and I have had two nice talks in the past few days. Our classmate, and his former wife, Kathy Wick passed away on Sunday, November first, just the day after she had begun Hospice care in her home after a long battle with cancer. She had undergone chemotherapy recently trying to hang on perhaps until the holidays for her family, but the pain was too much. As Tim said, she was ready to go. She is survived by her older sister Chris, having lost her younger sister Diane a couple of years ago and she and Tim have a son TJ and grand-daughter Chloe. There will be a memorial service Saturday Nov. 7 at 4pm, a Celebration Circle, presided over by a friend of Tim's who is a minister. The celebration of Kathy's life will take place at Tim's property outside of San Antonio. Tim will let us know if there is a specific charity TJ recommends for donations in Kathy's memory. Perhaps a charity of our own choosing would also make Kathy happy. There will be many friends in attendance; Kathy had worked for Ford Motor Credit and had many friends from her working career. Not too long ago Jack Lupher was visiting Tim and Ginny and was able to also visit with Kathy. Aren't these long-term friendships wonderful, and so important at particular times! Tim asked me to share the fact that the family and friends feel it is a blessing that Kathy could let go and now be free of the severe pain she endured. May she rest in peace and love.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Friday October 2 the St. Louis area CBS Affiliate, KMOV TV will feature Kirkwood on its 5 and 6PM news broadcasts. From the "coming attractions" clips I've seen it looks like it might be pretty interesting! The background pix I saw today are from the History of Kirkwood - an interesting, well-written book about the area. My husband's great grandfather was one of the original Kirkwood volunteer fire-fighters and is in the book. Since I have no Missouri roots, I love vicariously having Kirkwood and St. Louis genealogy through his family! Hope many of you see the program. I'll get someone to tape it for me as I'll be in DC that day!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Al Lawrence can be reached at . After leaving KHS, I tried college, but eventually volunteered for duty in the army, winding up in the inevitable place. Afterward, I went to MU-Columbia, got two Masters over time and taught for a few years. I own two small businesses now. Most of my time is taken up serving as Vice President of Excalibur Electronics. I spend much of the year at our offices in Hong Kong, where I manage our operations in China. I also manage all licensing for Excalibur, which is headquartered in Miami. I write for publication quite a bit. I have 12 published books, many of them on the game of chess. You can usually find something by me, along with my writing partner Lev Alburt (the brains of our partnership), in the chess section at Barnes and Noble. Our latest is a fat tome entitled "Chess Openings for White, Explained." My wife Daphne (a former Fulbright scholar and lifelong looker) and I have a 100+ year-old farmhouse (our favorite place) about 70 miles northwest of Manhattan, New York, and also own a place in Miami. But I spend much of my time in an apartment in Hong Kong, where I have a view of Victoria Bay. I like playing tennis and chess, reading and writing. But more than anything else, I like being with Daphne and our family of cats and our American Bulldog, Rocky, in our farmhouse near New Paltz, New York. I'd love to hear from classmates and friends of classmates.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Classmate Deaths

I am sorry to report the death of classmate Cheryl Grindstaff Scott. Thank you to Bob O'Neill and Ken McBride for getting this information to me for posting.

Cheryl Scott
PERRYVILLE, Mo. -- Cheryl A. Scott, 61, of Perryville died Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009, at her home.
She was born Nov. 2, 1947, in Memphis, Tenn., daughter of James Peter and Janice Corrinne Coker Grindstaff. She was married July 18, 1969, to Larry Scott. He preceded her in death May 22, 1994.

May she rest in peace and be remembered with love.

I was recently reading the obituaries in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and found same for Steve Emigh's father, in which it is stated that Steve himself is no longer living. I checked and find that Steve passed away 12/8/2007. I will write to his widow to express our condolences and find out more information.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ah, good OLD Kirkwood...

I received this email and thought I would pass it along. For those who haven't been back to Kirkwood lately, the Magic House sits right next door to Nipher on Kirkwood Road. By all means, also go to the site that is linked at the bottom. Extremely interesting! I guess I will have to do some "drive-by's" this weekend to look at the houses I am not familiar with. (And, as always, if the link doesn't work when you click on it, just copy and paste.)

The Magic House (George Lane Edwards House), 516 S. Kirkwood Rd., Kirkwood, 1901

The land on which the Magic House sits was part of the estate of J.O. Sturdy. The estate was subdivided into 18 individual lots. In 1901 Florence Noble Edwards purchased a tract of this land from a previous owner. She was the wife of George Lane Edwards, a son of A.G. Edwards and grandson of Ninian Edwards, the first territorial governor of Illinois, for whom Edwardsville is named. Albert Gallatin Edwards moved to Kirkwood in 1864 and became one of the first trustees of the newly incorporated town the following year, as well as a founding director of the Kirkwood School Board. George Lane Edwards was born in Kirkwood in 1869 and married there in 1892, and when the brokerage firm of A.G. Edwards and Sons was incorporated in the latter year he became the first president. He was the director of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition held in 1904 and died unexpectedly died in 1919.

The house was probably built in 1901. And by 1904 it, other real-estate, stocks and securities were put into a trust for Mrs. Edwards and their children. Mrs. Edwards kept the house throughout her lifetime, but never returned to live in it after her husband’s death. The trustees encouraged the sale of the property in 1923 to Katherine M. Schmick whose husband was George M. Schmick who, in 1927, served on Kirkwood’s first Zoning Commission. The property was purchased by the Kirkwood School Board in 1954 and was remodeled by the architectural firm of William B. Ittner for use as administrative offices. The school board sold the property to Riviera Investment Corporation in 1975, and plans for the magic house were made in 1977.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Linda today has knee and leg problems, but as you can see her spirit hasn't waned! This is a story of heroes if there ever was one - thanks LINDA for sharing with us! You and your family make KHS65 proud! GO TO WWW.KHS65.COM TO PAGE 5 OF THE 2nd ALBUM to see the photos that go with this article!

A Family of Soldiers

After graduating from KHS, I entered the Nursing School at Deaconess Hospital. As you all know, we were in the midst of the war in Vietnam. Since I came from a family of soldiers, there was no question as to what I should do. While in Nursing School, I join the US Army. Because I had spinal surgery before Nursing School, I was rejected by the Army. This broke my heart but I was very fortunate and very stubborn! I immediately began working with the Army and my Orthopedist surgeon to reapply. Eventually, I received a personal Presidential waiver from President Johnson and after Nursing School I was promoted to a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Nurse Corps.

My goal was to be assigned to a unit going to Vietnam. But first I was assigned to Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio and Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Denver. Finally, time came for me to be assigned to a combat unit. Much to my dismay I was assigned to the 41st Combat Support Hospital. This unit had just returned from Vietnam and would not recycle until after the end of my enlistment. So, I served my time, but never made it to a combat zone.

At the time of the first war in Iraq, I again enlisted. This time I was rejected because of screws I had in my knees. After 9/11, they raised the age of enlisted for Army nurses and yep, you guessed it, I enlisted again. Damned near made it! I passed everything until the Army came up with an obscure hospital record from 1966. Rejected! Now, I'm just too damned old!

As I mentioned my family has a very long history of serving their country in the time of war. I have many ancestors who fought during the Revolutionary War. One ancestor served with General George Washington at Valley Forge. My great, great, great, great grandfather served during the War of 1812. My great, great grandfather served in the Union Army during the Civil War. He lied about his age being only 14 when he enlisted. After serving several years, he was found out and spent the rest of the war assigned to a hospital. My grandfather served in WWI. My father enlisted before Pearl Harbor & was assigned to an Army hospital in San Francisco. He applied for and was accepted into the Army Air Corps, where he trained to become a B-17 pilot. During WWII, Dad flew 38 combat missions, including bombing the beaches of Normandy. After his combat tour, Dad volunteered to stay in England to fly bombardiers back and forth to North Africa to practice bombing. After the war Dad was picked to become one of the first military helicopter pilots. Later he served as a helicopter pilot instructor. According to the USAFHPA, my Dad at almost 93 years old, is the oldest known, living combat helicopter pilot. He was also the first helicopter on the deck of an aircraft carrier. At the time of the Korean War Dad reenlisted to fly 4 engine planes but he was waved because of his age. Later he flew mapping missions over Alaska for the US Government. In the middle of the Vietnam War, Dad was contacted by the CIA to fly secret mapping missions over Laos and Cambodia. He was ready to go, but his kids begged him not to go and his daughter cried like a baby!

Linda Stevens Vietnam Era Veteran, US Army Nurse Corps, 41st Combat Support Hospital
Member of American Legion Post 404

Thursday, July 30, 2009


We all know the ending of this statment don't we? But do you know who first said it? Our very own Jane McLaren's great-grandfather. I had it as part of my email signature for quite awhile and received many comments, including one from Jane telling me who the author was!

Here's the story: "It was at a naval banquet in Phily. Willard Duncan Vandiver, my great-grand father, was a rep in congress, and a member of the Naval Committee of the 56th Congress. This excerpt was written after the fact and the author seems to have proven my ggf's authorship. My Great-grand father was known as a great orator, of the "rough and ready" type. He looked just like Mark Twain and was often mistaken for him. The saying, I'm from Missouri and you've got to show me, "stands as a protest against shams, pretenses and hypocrisy."
"I'm from the land of corn and cotton and cockle-burrs and democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I'm from Missouri, you've got to show me." New York Herald, Sunday April 2nd, 1911, magazine section. THANKS Jane for sharing your famous family connection with us!

So I was behind a car yesterday with 2009 expiring license plates and actually paid attention to the fact that "SHOW ME STATE" is still on the plates; I was thinking how long that's been on the plates when I glanced over at my own 2010 expiration brand new plates lying on the floor of the car & to the bottom of the plate first, and the saying was gone! Upon looking again I saw at the top, in a bit smaller letters, it's STILL there!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


In cleaning out some old emails I just ran across two great links - our fight song and Alma Mater, sung by KHS students, but the words are printed so one could write it down if desired.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Viet Nam information on

I just received a note from today announcing a feature which allows one to enter the name of a soldier on the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial wall in DC and you can bring up the image of the engraved name. I typed in Jerome Rawlings and up came his name on the wall and quite a bit of information about him, to include a map showing where Kirkwood, listed as his hometown, is located. I then added a photo and caption about him. Check it out at Jeff Beardsley of our class was killed in Viet Nam also I thought, but I do not find him on the Wall or on There IS a Jeffrey Beardsley but he is not our classmate. If you know about our Jeff please let me know! I would like to do more features on our Veterans, so if you have a story to tell, or just when and where you served, we'd like to post it. Please see for much more information & pix about Jerome and a bio of another Veteran classmate of ours!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Now I don't have any stake in this - but it is an "ELVIS" CRUISE.
It is the 3rd one planned and I am going on this one as well. It is fantastic and any Elvis "die-hards" would love it,

I have met some very fun people on the cruises. It is put on by Click here: Welcome to Sixthman or their website is

It is only 3 days and leaves from Tampa this November on Carnival (Inspiration) to Cozumel..

I can get CLASSMATES booked thru my friend or they can book direct with Sixthman.

Here is a 'cut' from their site in case you want to add this ---- Thanks --- Betty Bucher
The Elvis Cruise
November 12 - 16, 2009 Tampa to Cozumel
Sixthman and Elvis Presley Enterprises are thrilled to be a part of the third annual Elvis Cruise. Join us on the Carnival Inspiration Thursday, November 12, through Monday, November 16, 2009, as we sail through the Caribbean from Tampa, FL to Cozumel. This event is bigger and better, with Elvis-themed entertainment, parties and activities, including music and presentations by those who knew and performed with Elvis himself! Hosted by Jerry Schilling, scheduled performers include The TCB Band, The Imperials, The Sweet Inspirations, Joe Guercio, D.J. Fontana, Terry Mike Jeffrey & Band, Andy Childs, Ronnie McDowell, The Dempseys and others, still to be announced.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Parent of Classmate death

Here is another death in the KHS65 community, that of the father of Bob (KHS65) and Rick Buckles. They were Robinsonites and you fellows active in Scouts I think will remember them. Rick might have been in KHS69, somewhere around then. They lived in that wonderful house set up on the hill on the north side of Big Bend overlooking the countryside down the hill and out toward what is now I 44.
William H. Buckles
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Buckles, William H. on Thursday, June 4, 2009. Beloved husband of the late Shirley Buckles (nee Jones); dear father of Robert W. (Susan) Buckles and Richard A. Buckles; dear grandfather of Kara (Sean) Brown, Cory, Ryan (Jeni), Dana, Tom, and Lisa Buckles; dear great-grandfather of Connor; dear brother of Neil Buckles; dear brother-in-law of Wilma Knox; dear uncle and friend to many. Mr. Buckles was a Tech Sergeant in the Army Air Corps, serving during World War II. He was a Shriner, Crestwood Rotarian, and Past President of the Allied Food Club. Services: A Memorial Service for Mr. Buckles will be on Thursday, June 11 at 4:00 p.m. at the St. Peter Episcopal Church, 110 N. Warson Rd. Ladue. No Visitation. In lieu of flowers, Memorial Con -tributions may be made to a charity of one's choice. Arrangements by Bopp Chapel.

Friday, May 29, 2009


KHS Symphonic Orchestra's Road to Carnegie Hall
Dear KHS Alumnus,
While it takes some people a lifetime of practice to get to Carnegie Hall, as the saying goes, the Kirkwood High School Symphonic Orchestra students will have that honor as young musicians March 26-29 when they perform at the 2010 Instrumental Music Festival at the prestigious hall. The Kirkwood orchestra was one of three instrumental groups selected nationwide.
Orchestra Director Patrick Jackson and approximately 60 students will follow in the footsteps of some of music’s legendary greats, including Isaac Stern, Leonard Bernstein, Nell Carter, Duke Ellington, the Beatles and Harry Belafonte, to name a few. The orchestra will perform in the main concert hall on Sunday, March 28, 2010, as part of the annual festival.
The largest concert hall at Carnegie has served as the premiere classical music performance space in the country since its opening in 1891. Its striking curvilinear design is embraced by five levels of seating and Baroque-style plaster walls that have absorbed the sounds of Gershwin, Bach and Beethoven. It is here where Kirkwood students will leave their own sound in the historic walls.
“It has been said that the hall itself is an instrument,” said the late violinist Isaac Stern. “It takes what you do and makes it larger than life.” In 1996, Carnegie’s Main Hall stage was dedicated the Isaac Stern Auditorium.
The orchestra’s selection to play at Carnegie reflects the excellence and dedication demanded of KHS students and the sense of pride generated throughout the Kirkwood community. When the orchestra students step out on that prestigious stage next March, it will be because of the support generated by the Kirkwood alumni and residents of this proud community.
Former Kirkwood orchestra students have won first-prize awards at prestigious competitions including the Avery Fisher Prize, Banff International Chamber Music Competition and the Sphinx Competition. Jackson’s students have also attended top music schools nationwide, including The Juilliard School, Eastman School of Music, Yale School of Music, Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, The New England Conservatory, Oberlin Conservatory of Music and the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. Added to the annals of Kirkwood’s orchestral history will now be an unprecedented appearance at Carnegie Hall.
The Symphonic Orchestra students have embarked on their year-long fundraising campaign, “The Road to Carnegie Hall.” We encourage your support in their endeavors as they not only raise the necessary funds for the trip, but rehearse for the performance of a lifetime. The students need to raise $72,000 to cover the cost of their four-day trip.
To make a tax deductible donation, you may donate online by selecting the "Donate Now" link below or go to and select the "Road to Carnegie Hall" link on the left. You also may mail a check, please make checks payable to the Kirkwood High School Orchestra and send to: Kirkwood School District, Attention: Ginger Fletcher, 11289 Manchester Rd., Kirkwood, MO 63122.
On behalf of the students and the orchestra program, thank you in advance for your support.
Cathy Bailey, President
Kirkwood Orchestra Parents Association (KOPA)
Website Dona
Address postal inquiries to:
Kirkwood School District
11289 Mancester Rd.
Kirkwood, MO 63122

Death of father of Classmate

James Friel
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Friel, James T. Wednesday, May 27, 2009. Beloved husband for 65 years of Patricia Friel (nee Webster). Dear father of Thomas J. (Carolyn) Friel and the late Genie Stevens; grandfather of Jennifer (Jeremy) Friel Goldstein and Leigh and Paige Stevens; brother of Eugene Friel. Dear brother-in-law, uncle, cousin and friend. Jim served his country as a Captain in the U. S. Army during WWII in Europe. He was awarded the Silver Star and other commendations for bravery in action. Jim's professional career included more than 45 years with Union Electric Company from which he retired as Vice President and Controller. Services: Visitation at the SCHRADER Funeral Home and Crematory, 14960 Manchester Road at Holloway, Ballwin, Sunday 2-5 p.m. Interment private.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Classmate Snippet - MIKE CALDWELL

Mike Caldwell's family lived on McLain Lane, next to the Corpenings. When we were 15 they moved out to West County and then out of state. Mike's old gang still keeps in touch, and as many of us are, Mike sometimes gets a hankering to "reconnect". We recently found another classmate who was part of our "crowd" but only for a short while. We'd been wondering about him for a long time and finally just did the work and found him. That's another day's story, but for now, thought I'd publish Mikes story as it is a very interesting one. Thanks Mike for sharing and if anyone wants to get in touch with him, just post a comment and it will be done!

"I moved to Creve Coeur at 15 and met Janet. Only there one year (Parkway West High), then to a teenie town in S. Illinois. Coal mining town; I was generally called “Hey, Slick”, so you know I didn’t get a good welcome. BS in Aero Engineering from Univ of Illinois, married Janet, and off to the Air Force for seven years. Janet bore our first son, but he lost his battle with leukemia at four. Flew KC-135s, doing midair refueling. Out in 1977 with a MS in Systems from USC and on to Texas Instruments in Dallas. By then had sons Andy (now 34) and Chris (now 31). Got MS Electrical Engineering while working at Texas Instruments, then on to National Semiconductor in Salt Lake City for one hundred years. No, wait, only four; it just seemed like 100. Been in California since 1984, mostly with technology companies, but for the last six years have been practicing patent law. Andy lives right across the street with our seven year old grandson and five year old granddaughter and their mother. Chris just got married for the first time, to a younger Russian girl. He is 6’ 3”, and she is a size zero; they’re quite a pair, and just returned from a month in Moscow meeting the rest of her family."

Mike & Janet attended our 35th reunion so if you go to and look at that photo album, you'll see some pix. Mike and Wayne Stine were best buds from waayyyy back, and if you remember, Wayne died 1/1/2004. We hear from Mike from time to time that Wayne's family is doing well.

Awhile back Mike was commenting on a grade school/Robinson photo on the website. In the process of identifying his many girlfriends from long ago, he mentioned Luff Johnson who was another person who began grade school with us then moved. Here is more info on Luff, perhaps some of you Robinsonites remember him.... "Luff's real name is Charles, Luff his middle name, his mother's maiden name. She was once a model & Luff was once in a LIFE Magazine full page ad for Purina Dog Chow, had a puppy in a wagon." Mike has an amazingly good memory & has sent some other snippets, among them the fact that he remembers Jim Moriarity as a newbie to Robinson, who had just moved here from New York City and had a "REALLY heavy NYC accent." Actually, for us as little kids that would be a memorable factoid to have remained in his many kids from NYC did we KNOW in grade school?! Mike also found the participant in his first kiss in a class photo, and in that same photo she & two more of his "first loves" are seated all in a row. Wonder how the photog knew? He mentioned another classmate who moved, Reid Bartleson..anyone else remember him? I do but vaguely... so we know Mike was kissing in the 5th grade, and the girl was cute too, I remember her! But I'll not tell who, poor Mike we need to let him have some secrets! Wonder how many of us remember our first kiss? Comments on the subject welcome :-))

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barrett's Tunnels

If you have looked at recently and seen the pix from last weekend's KSDF Gala 09, you might have noticed a photo of a train tunnel. One of our class train experts has won my prize, knowing that tunnel is at the Museum. I just now happened upon some papers about Kirkwood landmarks and found the following: "The 2 Barretts Railroad Tunnels are notable as the first railroad tunnels west of the Mississippi River. Situated off Barrett Station Road near Kirkwood, they were part of the route laid out for the Pacific Railroad by Chief Engineer James P. Kirkwood to link St. Louis to the West. The first trains ran to Franklin County in 1853, but the line did not reach Kansas City until 1865. The railroad, recently acquired by Union Pacific, has been entirely rebuilt over the years, leaving the tunnels as the only structural reminder of the original line left in MO. The west tunnel is now on the grounds of the National Museum of Transport, while the east one is still owned by the Railroad." Dave Beardsley, who won the prize, says he didn't do "nuthin" there but I've always heard that there was some teen-aged monkey biz there in that tunnel.... but he sure knows his trains! Those of you who grew up in the Greenbriar neighborhood and other places in that neck of our woods, may already know this bit of history, but I don't imagine too many can go here to read blurbs about a number of Kirkwood properties to include the tunnels article. Enjoy! PS... I knew I didn't imagine that I'd heard about fun things going on in that tunnel, herewith a comment by our classmate Dr. Ron Masters, who frequently states things quite succinctly & this is no exception: "That tunnel was a big draw for kids in the area mostly for exploration of all types.".... SO where was Beardsley during all this exploration??? :-))

PS : 8/3/10 A friend recently gave me the book The Past in our Presence, a wonderful catalogue of historic buildings in St. Louis County. The book has a section about the National Park Service's criteria for buildings and "sites" to be considered worthy of placement on various lists such as the National Register of Historic Places. The Barrett Tunnels are listed there, with a great photo, as a good example ... nice that Kirkwood sites get some recognition!

ROUTE 66 & NTHP Efforts

There are several KHS65 members who are aficionados of Route 66 geography, lore, and history, myself included. Route 66 goes right by many areas and sites that we frequented as kids and teens in the mid '60s. It turns out that the National Trust for Historic Preservation has just put Route 66 buildings on its current list of 11 most endangered places. They have a campaign for individuals to donate $11 toward the 11 most endangered place revitalization, not such a bad amount! Go here to learn about their efforts:


Funeral of Oldest Kirkwood Citizen Extracted from the St. Louis County Watchman, 12 February 1926 Submitted by Special Collections, St. Louis County Library
The following article is transcribed exactly
as it originally appeared in the St. Louis County Watchman.

Luther Armstrong, 88, Had Occupied the Same House - There for 81 Years.
From the oldest house in Kirkwood, to the oldest church of Kirkwood, was taken yesterday
the body of Kirkwood’s oldest citizen, Luther Armstrong, 88 years old, retired florist, who died
Wednesday of the infirmities of age in the house he had occupied 81 years. He will be buried this
afternoon, with services in Rock Hill Presbyterian Church, which his father helped to build in 1845, and interment in Oak Hill Cemetery. Mr. Armstrong was 7 years old when his father,
Clinton Armstrong, came from Rogersville, Ky., with his wife and 9 children, in a wagon
train. They bought the 8-room house at what is now 700 Collins Road, and the surrounding
farm for $15 an acre. The house, built of huge logs and framed with wide boards nailed upright,
was erected in 1808 by Mrs. Jane Yeats. There was one other house in the Kirkwood district, the
Bodley home, three miles away, but it has been replaced. Today the Armstrong homestead has dwindled to 12 acres and the house stands back from
the road hidden in a grove of large, old shade trees. A telephone, a radio and a phonograph can
be found within, but coal oil lamps and stoves are used and water is carried 50 yards from a well
dug by Clinton Armstrong. Luther Armstrong’s widow, Emma, and a daughter, Miss Julia Armstrong, now occupy the house. In the front yard is the stump of a broad ailanthus
tree which tradition says sprung from a stick which Clinton Armstrong had whittled for a cane
in Tennessee and thrust into the ground on his arrival in St. Louis County. Armstrong brought
several slaves with him when he migrated and freed them in 1847. Luther, the tenth of 13 children, was sent to Amherst College and served in the Union Army through the Civil War.
After the war, young Armstrong returned to Kirkwood and became a florist. He built hothouses
near the residence and later opened a floral shop at Spring Avenue and Olive Street, in St.
Louis, which he abandoned 20 years ago because of failing health. He refused to permit electric
lights or plumbing in the house and employed several servants to do the housework in the old
manner. Two sons grew to manhood and departed. One son, L. H. Armstrong, now lives in Berkeley, Cal., and the other, H. H. Armstrong, in Hartford, Conn.
In the house are found broad stone fireplaces with high mantels. There is an old inlaid cherrywood chest of drawers which Mrs. Clinton Armstrong received as a wedding gift in 1816. A
bookcase of the same period is still in use. The building is in good repair and evidently has many
years of usefulness before it. Outside it is painted white, with a sloping shingled roof, and two massive stone chimneys, one at each end, are thickly grown with ivy.
St. Louis County Watchman, St. Louis
County, 12 February 1926, page 5. Submitted by
Special Collections, St. Louis County Library.
Reprinted with permission of the St. Louis County
Watchman Advocate.
Wonder what Collins Avenue is now and if this house still stands. Anyone wanting a research project, this could be a fun one! Let me know & I can give you some hints on where to start. LVC

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bev Schwarz Martin - Renaissance Woman

In August of 2006 Bev sent this interesting update on her interesting life. Check it out and at the end is a 2009 update. Go to classmate photos to see some illustrations of her activities. "In June I went on a 4-day trail ride at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This was the Crazy Horse Memorial Ride that honors that great leader. We began in Ft. Robinson, NE where Crazy Horse was killed. Rode 30-some miles the first day into Chadron where we camped. Rode from Chadron to Beaver Creek where Crazy Horse often camped. Rested a day and then finished the ride by coming into Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for the beginning of the Veterans Pow Wow. I stayed with the same family I had lived with for ten weeks when doing volunteer work at SuAnne Big Crows Boys & Girls Club. In July we went to Winston Salem, NC for our son's 6th annual Heavy Rebel Weekender - a band and antique car show. He and Dave Quick have put on this show for six years. This year there were over 70 bands playing during the 3 day event. My job was to check each person's ID as they came through the door. Then my son William left for Marine Boot Camp and John, my husband, left for Costa Rica. I managed our farm, learned how to operate an idustrial size walk-behind mower, and took a class in Navajo Weaving. I also am continuing to learn Lakota language. That about sums up what's been happening here in Millersburg, Missouri. Oh, did I mention that when it was 106 I rediscovered the joy of skinny dipping in our pond?! Nice thing about living out in the middle of nowhere - I can pretty much do what I want when I want! Here are some pictures" - see

In March, 2009 Bev reported: "I just returned from meeting up with my hunka (adopted) Lakota family in Rapid City. John & I participated in a buffalo kill. Our combined families butchered 3 buffalo that were culled when the Sinte Gleske University had to cull its herd after losing some of their pastures they had needed for the herd. I've learned how to do Navajo weaving, Anglo spinning, dying my yarn using MO plants and am studyig the Lakota language."
Great talents and activities all in one half of a twin dynamo! Thanks Bev for sharing your life with your old pals! GO to to see an article about Barb, Bev's "other half"...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kirkwood School District Foundation 20th Anniversary celebration

A good time was had by many tonight, May 2, 2009, at the National Museum of Transport. Theirs is a fabulous venue for private parties. Under a trainshed we were served sumptuous hors d'oeuvres, open bar, delicious dinner & dessert by Patty Long's Catering, who also does the food at the St. Louis Art Museum. There was music all evening, tours through wonderful old train cars, some with well known past owners. Our own KHS65 Bob O'Neill was one of two conductors on rides in a restored trolley car around the park. Bob gives MANY hours to the Museum, is in the process of restoring one car, and pointed out a mess of an engine which he says is his next project. I told him he's going to have to live to be 100 to finish his work there! Yours truly attended the very first meetings at which was discussed the formation of the alumni association and what later morphed into the School District Foundation. As it turned out, those of us with no CURRENT ties to Kirkwood, i.e., we were already paying taxes and donations in other school districts, tended to stay with the alumni activities and those living in Kirkwood tended to stay with the KSDF. As the President of the KHS Alumni Association, I had a seat on the Board of the KSDF and was an honored guest at tonight's gala fundraiser and 20th anniversary celebration. Many familiar faces were there, but several "regulars" were conspicuous by their absence. Suffice it to say, this was a great evening - good food, good liquor, nice music, a bit of a lumpy dance floor, and a lovely way to support Kirkwood kids. Oh yes, he was there.... I know someone will ask...Franklin McCauley was indeed present in a red shirt and a very gaudy southwest Indian turquoise squashbuckly neck tie thingy! Kirkwood Mayor Art McDonald was there as were the son and daughter in law of Robert Clodfelter with whom we sat for a few moments. Jim Velton, retiring KHS athletic director, was there in a nice suit, crisp white shirt and gorgeous red silk tie! He's a very handsome man! As it turns out, the pix I took are the only pix they can find of the Athletic Hall of Fame Induction evening as the pro photographer's camera turned out to be on the fritz. Go to to see photos of this evening, to include Kirkwood's all time best athlete who was in attendance tonight and let me take his photo...he's the one who said, "Kirkwood is like Mayberry with cable". He was delighted to learn he is quoted on our website! We're thinking about a "COME BACK TO KIRKWOOD YET AGAIN" theme for our 2010 reunion...maybe at the Museum...a laid back, fun way to visit our friends and reconnect. Let us know your opinion by adding a comment here! Or just send an email to
I hope those of you living in the Kirkwood School District will support the district in any way you can, be it via monetary donations or volunteering your time. It's a worthwhile cause...

And another side note, I had a call from Jane Via today. Some of you know that Jane went through breast cancer treatment in the past year and a half. She is now through with it, having had chemo, surgery and radiation. Her hair is nearly grown back, she's back to work on a relaxed schedule and feeling great. She's considered cured and we are all so thankful that her outcome was so positive. Ladies, I must tell you, Jane took control. She had fabulous support in her husband who dealt with insurance companies and "rules"; she had prayers from her many many friends, colleagues, co workers and family. She had a friend who INSISTED she read the correct breast cancer books, then she did what she had to do. I feel strongly that her, and her support group's, strong stand for her treatment helped her achieve the positive results she has received. She sounds great! Now her challenge is to rest and not make herself crazy with too much in her life at one time, like a few others of us I can think of!!!! Sound familiar??? I always say, they don't teach NO in the Kirkwood School System...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Susan Kraft Almeida honored

ROSEMOUNT, Minn. – Seven District 196 employees were recognized for their outstanding service to students and residents of the district at this year’s Partners in Education banquet held April 16 at Eagan High School.

The District 196 Outstanding Service Award recipients for 2008-09 are Susan Almeida, first-grade teacher at Highland Elementary School, etc.
Susan Almeida
First-Grade Teacher, Highland Elementary School
Background in District 196
For 22 years, Susan Almeida has been helping students learn at elementary schools throughout District 196. There’s her class of first graders at Highland Elementary School who benefit directly from Almeida’s teaching. But there are also many other elementary students learning from teachers who have benefitted from her knowledge of curriculum and instruction shared through her work on numerous district committees. Almeida started teaching at Diamond Path in 1985, then went to Highland and Greenleaf, then to Tennessee for her husband’s job transfer before returning to Highland in 1999, where she has taught first grade ever since.

About the Job
Almeida stresses the importance of teaching the “whole child” and remembering that academics are only one part of teaching. “The social and emotional development of children is just as important as their academic needs,” she said. “They need to feel good about themselves and confident in what they can do.” The challenge, she said, is to give an “extra boost” to the students who lack self-esteem and confidence. “Many times it’s just showing them a little more attention or finding out their interests and building upon that to guide them in the right direction.”

Rewards and Secrets to Success
“The rewards come from watching each child grow and develop over the year,” Almeida said. “You look back at the end of the year and think, ‘Wow, look where they are now.’ Of course, with the younger ones, big hugs and (statements like) ‘You’re the best teacher’ help, too.”

What Others Say
“Susan’s answer is always ‘yes’ when approached by others for assistance. She willingly and with enthusiasm takes upon extra tasks to help her classroom, teaching team, school building or district. She is a true team player who will go above and beyond to help others.”
- Theresa Granger, Highland Elementary School first-grade teacher

“Susan is an excellent instructor. Her room has a wonderful learning climate that provides for a wide range of students. I know any child can be successful in her classroom because she treats every child with dignity and respect.”
- Chad Ryburn, Highland Elementary School principal

“In Susan’s case her outstanding work has reached beyond her classroom and school to a district level, in an effort to improve learning for all elementary students. Susan possesses the enviable skill of seeing the big picture and keeping in mind what would be best for all students and all teachers.”
- Kris Samsel, teacher on special assignment, elementary curriculum
Our CONGRATULATIONS to Sue for a job well done, you make US look good Suzie!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Sneaking these quotes in here, since I just ran across them in an old notebook:

From PROM Magazine Feb., 1965 in answer to "What's your favorite subject", John Emerline said, "Physics, it's challenging & completely new & different for me." 1964-Jan 65 issue of Prom, New Years Resolutions, Bill Illing - "I'll be more careful when parkng my car on a hill, - had an accident once." June, 1964 Susan Trottman responds that her biggest worry in life is "The spread of communism worries me. It's a serious problem concerning everyone." She was very intuitive for our age! I think some would have answered otherwise! In October, '64 Sue Cheryl Hayes was our KHS PROM Reporter. OKAY, now forthwith to some more recent happenings in our lives!!!

Here are some snippets from our classmates received as responses to our recent email -

*Georgann Meinhardt Vehmeier checked in, still in sunny Florida and grandmother of an 8 month old girl!

*Barb Pinkley's Florida home burned to the ground in early 2008. She asked that we ask her friends to contact her to help her rebuild her email list. If you haven't corresponded with her in awhile & would like to, please post a comment to this post and we'll send you her current email address. She loves to correspond! Be sure we have YOUR email addy so we can respond.

*Bob Leonard, abr, crs, gri, 2008 Chairman of the Board, San Antonio Board of Realtors
President and Texas Broker, Allison James of Texas, LLCRe/Max Associates; Associate Broker

*Janet Zopfi - I am still here in Toronto enjoying being a grandmother. I have been retired from teaching a long time now and love it.

*Jeanne Goodman Shaughnessy here. Still living in Oklahoma City and managing a UMB bank branch. I have 4 grandchildren - 2 boys in St Louis, and 2 boys in Dallas and enjoying them immensely. Our youngest daughter, Meghan, was just married in St. Louis on Jan 31. She and her husband live in Sydney, Australia

*Nancy DeWeese Wonisch here replying from Vienna, Austria where I have been living for the past 18 years. Will retire this September and look forward to travelling around the US for a while catching up with friends and family.

*Gary Carpenter - I'm still living in Quincy, IL although my wife and I are currently in Hawaii on vacation. I've posted pictures on my facebook page. Bill Pape is one of my friends on Facebook. Enjoyed the photos from the KHS reunion in July 2000. What are the plans for the 2010 reunion? I'm already planning trips for 2010 but summer is free. As an allergist I take most of my vacations in the winter when nothing is pollenating so January 2010 is our annual trip to Hawaii, Feb 2010 is our annual trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where I snowboard and my wife Cathy skiis. My knees no longer allow skiing but snowboarding is just fine.

*This is Arlayne West (McManimie) Class of ’65. I’d love to be kept informed of what’s going on. I might have early onset of Alzheimers though… I don’t recognize any of these photos. ;-)

*Moira Haines - I am actually living in Seelisberg, Switzerland right now. Sometime I will write and explain and describe my very unique life. It was a big class! There are so few names that are familiar to me, but I am happy just to keep a bit in touch.

*Joyce Lay Emory - We live minutes from the beach and are loving our new digs. We had to close our real estate company in Reno NV due to the economy so we decided to move to what had been a second home in beautiful Venice, Florida (just south of Sarasota on the Gulf Coast)...We are managing an art gallery. Loads of fun!

*This is from Jim Huddleston. I live just east of Steelville on the Meramec River and am retired from Anheuser-Busch.

*Carol Kugler Ellis - I just bought a ticket to Israel and will be visiting my oldest brother and his wife, who have been living there for more than 25 years. They’ve been to the States several times, but I’ve not been to visit them, so this will be my first trip there. I’m really looking forward to it.

*Joe Marting....this is my correct e-mail address. Give my best personal regards to everybody. Go Pioneers!

*Jim Persons - I am now on the list of what I used to call "Worthless Breathers".
Just drawing on my 401K, and already applied for my Social Security. Good thing I had some rental property, or I would be a lot thinner. Have tried looking for work, but no one wants your skills -only openings - bag boy at the grocery stores, or greeter at WALMART. Nobody wants to hire somone old enough to be their Dad or Grandpa. It was amazing to see everyone at the last reunion, especially the ones with no gray hair. I tried coloring mine once & it looked like someone had painted the car & forgot to remove the dents. I was really amazed to see the Dart, we visited regularly when I was in High School. Also I didn't think I would remember anyone, or anyone would remember me. I 'd forgotten that most of us were together from Elementery through High School.

*Dave Lewis who works for the St. Louis Blues Hockey Club: It's been a long time since I heard from you, and it's a relief to know that you didn't lose me. I'm still doing what you saw me doing the last time we talked, and I'm looking forward to doing it for another 8 years, 2 months, and 11 days. Why would I ever retire from the best job I ever had? Who knows, the BLUES might even bring the Stanley Cup to St. Louis. What's of interest these days? Not much, but there is a youngster living at my house who is dating a KHS cheerleader. That's something. What else? Someone we know has completed a deal so that his property will become Don Robinson State Park when he croaks. There's another little-known factlet. - [Mssrs. Bahr, Emerline, Knott, Stevenson, did YOU know this???] See Classmate Photos to see what Dave is talking about here.

*Debbie Williams Rice here. I taught at Physics at KHS from 2004-2008. It was fun being on the other side of the desk at KHS. Dave Holley was a wonderful principal. KHS was my first retirement job. I am now teaching physics at Clayton High School, one period a day. One of these days I will finally leave the classroom. [I live in constant awe of anyone who even gets Physics, let alone teaches it! -ed.]

*Joyce Moller Duncan-Mom & Dad are still living in their house on McLain -- Dad is 90 years old & Mom will turn 87 soon. It is really amazing they are still living on their own. Libby, my youngest sister, died about 8 years ago and her husband died about 9 months prior. They left behind a 19 year old daughter. I have joined the ranks of "retired" after working full time for over 35 years. Our daughter is 30 and teaching middle school & high school band in Sikeston, MO. We have a two-year old granddaughter, so life is good! I am still a Girl Scout! As a volunteer, I am a district training manager. I help with training adult leaders.

*Becky Emrich - I am finally retiring at the end of the school year--June 10 will be last day of 40 years of teaching!! hooray!! [And 44 years to the day since KHS Graduation!]

*Sharon Purdy Gilliam - our Eric, the PharmD, has accepted a position at Queens Hospital in Honolulu once his residency is completed at Rutgers the end of June. Guess where we will be going next year? It was our 40th anniversary last weekend, and we took a short trip to western Kentucky and stayed at the Lake Barkley State Park Resort Lodge. (Kentucky really does have nice parks throughout the state.) [Congrats to Sharon & Sam! I was fortunate to visit them not too long ago, their back yard looks out onto a KY horse farm, gorgeous green expanse & beautiful horses! -ed.]

*Sharon Merritt Minter - I am happy to report that after a nearly 40 year absence I have returned to Kirkwood. It's great to be back in Pioneer country!

*Doug Hayman lives near Route 66 in Kingman, AZ! Stop & visit when you are doing Route 66!

*Dennis Winkler is back to practicing his trumpet nearly every day!!

*Rich Mills -I will soon have made the transition from Director of Safety & Compliance to Director of Quality Assurance. I will be assuming my new duties because it was easier to find a replacement for Safety Director than Quality Assurance. We have been trying for over a year to replace a gentleman trying to retire for a second time. There simply wasn't anyone qualified that applied. Partially out of concern for him and partially because I needed a job change, I volunteered. As you may recall, I went from QA to Safety a long time ago so this is coming home for me. [Rich works for EmpireAir in Idaho -ed.]

*Bill Watts lives in Centennial, Colorado - If you've read the book you'll know why just the name of the town gives me goose bumps, but then I imagine it as it was BACK THEN! It's probably a modern city now huh Bill??

*Peggy Kramer Entenman is going on ANOTHER cruise soon...she will shortly set the world record for # of cruises taken in one lifetime for those under age 63.

*and here's one for all KHS65 women - Jack Toman is a grandfather.... think of the impact of that statement!



Friday, April 3, 2009


Here's a fun little item... Karen (Lowe) Adams' son Tyler got a call to be an extra in the new George Clooney movie "Up In The Air" which is filming here in St. Louis. Tyler got a call saying they remembered him because he was the one playing the guitar while everyone was standing in line to audition. If he doesn't make the cutting room floor, it sure would be fun to go as a group to see his acting debut. We'll keep you up to date on this one!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If you run a website - commercial, family, hobby, etc., that you'd like to share with your classmates, please email to let us know and we'll list them here for you or you can click "comment" and just add your own there, we'll transfer it to the main blog body for you. This is a great way to discover what our classmates are doing all these years later! Try these for starters and send YOURS: - our community's local news, always interesting! - we are in no way connected to this but it is the St. Louis Post Dispatch's website- handy if you wish to keep up with St. Louis area news - Larry Ferree's Kansas City lawfirm Bill Mueller's business in TX Bill Pape, Esquire, practicing law in New Jersey & NY Jeff Frahm in Prescott, AZ
Marilynn Brandenburger - fabulous artist, check out her sketches:
BLOG: - a GREAT blog! Barbara Schwarz Moss - nationwide executive recruiting - anyone NOT know whose family this is? Jim Scheidt - St. Louis County, MO Paul Silman's biz - Arlayne West blog - Arlayne's website - Carol Hall, Los Angeles PR firm - Marti Perry Browne - another of Marti's endeavors - Marti's blog - Phil Greene, some good virus detection info - another of Leslie V's causes - another of Leslie V's passions - and another - and yet another - KHS65 website - under redevelopment but lots of photos!! - Commercial Site for Kirkwood alumni Kirkwood's official alumni website - Nelson's family's business - Bob Leonard in San Antonio, TX - Joal Charleville & hubby winery in MO - Darcie Suits Davis - another Darcie venture - and yet another one! - Jeff Frahm is back from Arizona! Check out his site! - Jerry Hoffman's business in New Haven, MO -this may be going away, but try this one! - see some nifty ukes and hear some great music!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

KHS65 alum visits home

KHS65 supporter Ron Masters, who is a dental surgeon with the Veterans' Administration in Houston, visited Kirkwood today on his way to Kansas City for a meeting, and lunch with Ric Porte on Saturday so we hear. We had a very fattening, delicious lunch at PJ's, visited the Library, some old stomping grounds and the Park. The amphitheater now has SEATS, who knew? Ron comes back to Kirkwood any time he can and always enjoys his visits & ruminations into his past. Go to our website at to see pix of the seats and Dr. Ron.

Dr. Ron, you'd better go sign up to our BLOG or no more reporting your adventures!


The Kirkwood Library, you know - where we all studied so much, is seeking KHS Yearbooks for its reference room inventory. The years they need as of 3/26/09 are:
1970 thru 75, 79, 84, 88, 89, 90 - 95 except 93. If you or your family might have one of these to donate, please contact Joan or any reference librarian at 314 821 5770, ext. 20; Our KHS65 classmate Ken McBride has been working with Joan on this satisfying project. This allows many people to have access to KHS archives. GO PIONEERS!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I am shocked and saddened to tell you that our classmate, consumate nurse, and wonderful friend, Sally Marsalek Brooke passed away March 2, 2009. There will be an obituary in the St. Louis Post Dispatch soon, her brother is preparing it now.(as of 3/26/09 it hasn't yet appeared.) The obits are on each day. It is believed she had a pulmonary embolism and Jeff said she didn't suffer too much. She didn't have any on-going illnesses or anything that they knew of. You can email Jeff through her email They have one daughter Maggie and Jeff said they were doing as well as could be expected. I had a great opportunity to visit with Sally not too many years ago on a biz trip to New Orleans, we had a great gab-fest and she was very happy and was satisfied with her life.
1/30/2012 - in reviewing old emails I see I have a message in March, 2006 from Sally telling about their lives in the New Orleans area 6 months after Katrina. It is long, but if anyone would like to read it, I'll be happy to forward it to you, just send me an email. lvc


LAST WEEKEND THE KIRKWOOD HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME WAS INAUGURATED WITH ITS FIRST BANQUET AND INDUCTION CEREMONY. The dinner and ceremony were held at the KHS Physical Education and Sports Center, referred to by many of us plebians as the gym. But it is the NEWLY BUILT and gorgeous Center, not the old boy's and girls' gyms as we knew them. I'll have more info on that after a tour I've been offered by Principal Dave Holley. Our own KHS65 Classmate JIM OLSON was inducted along with 33 other individuals and teams, 3 coaches and 3 recipients of The Pioneer Award, which goes to those who have made significant contributions to KHS athletics. 1937 was the first year represented up to a KHS04 varsity pitcher for the softball team, oh that would be the GIRL'S Softball team! There was a nice reception at Greenbriar afterwards where we could talk and visit. I was honored to be the guest of Jim Olson and his other date, Maxine Lyons, Fred's widow. At 12:30AM when Jim took her home, she was still ready to party, and she is 75! What a great gal! Doug Vaughn of KMOV TV was the emcee for the evening and was his normal charming self; he is one of our local sportscasters and a KHS74
Roger Schurig was also inducted so of course littlesis Karen and her hubby were there to honor him, and along with them Jane Kelly Robert and her hubby too. I knew a few other folks from the School District Foundation Board, as well as some KHS69 track stars, as my brother was in that class and Captain of the Track Team as well as State Champ Pole Vaulter that year - my one claim to KHS sports fame, so I have to play it up! Also on hand was the older brother of our class-mate Pat Dunbar who accepted the award for Dave Theriot KHS59. It was a wonderful night and hopefully in two years our class will be honored with another HOF Inductee. Thanks so much Jim for letting me tag along! Next year will see the first ever ALUMNI HALL OF FAME so start thinking of your nominees, I have an idea movie & TV stars might be included...just an idea, no one told me that!

And one last thought, Alvin Miller, KHS83, who is regarded as the best athlete in school history, made a wonderful remark that I just have to share - he called Kirkwood "Mayberry with Cable"!

Let's Blog KHS65!

I've been saying for a long time, we need a KHS65 blog to help with INTERACTIVE communication and on a whim I just sat down and started. I imagine it will change format, content and maybe even location, but for now it's a start. When I figure out how to get the word out and learn how we can interact on it, I'll let everyone know. Meantime be sure to email me at if you haven't received an email from us in awhile, we need to get our email and other contacts list updated. We can build this together...your input will be sooo welcome, as soon as we figure it all out! Well, it's several hours later, and we're practicing. You can make comments to existing POSTS; you can respond anonymously or as yourself, with or without a Google account but we recommend setting up a free Google account if you don't already have one, probably will make interacting with the blog much easier. Read the POST then go below it and click on the word COMMENT and you'll see the string...and you can add your own response. Explore and see if it doesn't come pretty easily. Please do update us with your current contact info so we can keep our database up to date! Click on COMMENTS to see what responses the various POSTS elicit. It's really easy once you do it a few times!

Still learning, please sign up as a FOLLOWER. This allows others to see who is joining in. YOU make the rules when you sign in this way, fill out a profile as the one thing classmates are the MOST interested in usually is information about other classmates - reconnecting is BIG at this stage of our lives. You can state how you want your profile to be viewed, responses, etc. You can read the posts, comment, ignore, whatever. But sharing info is what we're trying to be all about. So, sign up and see what happens!-- You can ALWAYS just ignore it all - until that one long lost friend pops up and makes it all worthwhile!
KHS65 MAKE IT A HABIT Leslie Vander Meulen Canavan