"The good old days....when we weren't good and we weren't old" Barbara Schwarz Moss 2010

We seem to all be suffering a common problem these days, WHERE DID OUR LIVES GO? Our brains seem to still be 18, but our bodies are talking a different language. Sarah Orne Jewett puts it much more eloquently than do I:

“Neither of my companions was troubled by her burden of years. I hoped in my heart that I might be like them as I lived on into age, and then smiled to think that I too was no longer very young. So we always keep the same hearts, though our outer framework fails and shows the touch of time.”


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Thursday, October 10, 2013

BOBO, Papa Choo Choo, trains and Kirkwood - what a life!

For most of my life one of my favorite Kirkwood places has been the Museum of Transport.  If you grew up in Kirkwood you will remember it wasn't really all that much when we were little, but WOW, it's world class now.  THE place to have a grandchild's birthday party, an adult fund-raiser, a day out in the sun enjoying stuff such as a '57 Chevy, old trains, walking through old trains, history of our area, history of the world of trains and other modes of transport, you name it, they've got it...oh and did I mention part of the facade of Coral Courts???  I've blogged before about the tunnels, and Dave Beardsley I think added some G2 on them too...historic part of the property.  If you haven't been lately, just GO.  It's not far south of Manchester on Barrett Station Road.  Gotta be careful, some of the roads have changed, but you'll recognize a lot of the area.

Bob O'Neill of our class has volunteered at the MOT for over 50 years - you do the math to figure out when he started!  He recently told me he "fell in love" with trains as a very little boy and just never outgrew it.  Dave Beardsley has been a devoted volunteer newbie since his retirement too, and they are making great strides in saving, renewing and publicizing the trains held in the Museum's properties.  Recently Bob told me they'd received two train cars to use as workshops for their various projects.  Earlier in the summer those two great pals helped me move some furniture and I discovered some wood shelving I don't need and can't store.  Remembering the new train cars and figuring these narrow shelves would be perfect, I offered the shelving to them & they loved the idea - poof  - the shelving disappeared from my life, a good thing.  In appreciation for their help that day we agreed they'd give me a tour of their current projects at the MOT and I'd buy lunch.  August 22 was one of those days this summer when it seemed like May not August, and it was great to be outdoors.  I met Bob and Dave at the MOT and got a great tour of their two new train cars, outfitted with workbenches, tools, storage, toy train parts, the whole works.  It's AMAZING what they can take advantage of that others would pitch!  The staff was already working hard on the toy train exhibit which will open just after Thanksgiving so I could see some of the "in progress" works.  Meantime, Bob had to work the trolley ride for awhile, so Dave & I hopped on and chatted the whole time!  Then it was off to lunch at where else than PJ's in Kirkwood...yum.  However, I'm still indebted, Bob bought lunch saying he owed Dave a lunch anyway, but that still doesn't get me off the hook does it?

I have a friend who is interested in trains too, so when Bob was telling me about this huge engine and its history and the fact that it's one of the largest locomotive engines ever, I listened.  Do I now remember all he told me, well NO, but Dave has a Facebook post that gives a bit of info about Union Pacific and its old, huge locomotives.

Above are Dave and Bob with their huge engine, and there's a canal tender, who knew?  It's called a Mule, an electric locomotive which ran alongside the canal locks and which has a winch for towing ships through the restricted spaces; we're never too old to learn are we???
And I'll brag on my son a bit, when he was still in high school Matt automated the MOT's Friends database and early store software in the gift shop.  He then supported that software until later technology replaced it.  If memory serves, he was working there before he could drive! 

THANKS DAVE and BOB for a great day, lots of learning and fun.  I am in AWE of the amount of work you do and have done (especially Bob for all these years) to volunteer at this worthwhile Museum and keep the history of trains and training alive.  GOOD JOB!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Condolences to KHS65 Classmate Larry Barnett

Thank you to Jim Day for alerting me to Larry Barnett's recent loss, his daughter Melony.  Here is the obituary from The Kirkwood Webster Times of 9/6/13:

Melony Lynn Barnett

Died: Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Melony Lynn Barnett of St. Louis, formerly of Kirkwood, died Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013.

Ms. Barnett was the mother of Sonjah Ann-Marie Ferguson and Miles Edward Ferguson; daughter of Susan Nichols and Larry Barnett; sister of John Barnett; stepdaughter of Edward Langford; niece and cousin. She was gone too soon.

Services were private. Arrangements by Bopp Chapel, Kirkwood. Online guest book at

I hope that those of you who wish to will send a condolence to Larry on this tragic loss.  May she rest in peace and love.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Last month the Sunset Hills Historical Society brought the Traveling Wall to St. Louis County for 4 days.  It was open 24 hours per day and was visited at all hours.  Visitors saw an 80% portable wall which looks a good deal like the actual wall in Washington, DC.  One could fill out a request sheet and the location of the name was filled in by a volunteer sitting at a computer.  Veterans could look at a large mounted map of Viet Nam and put colored pushpins where they served.  Many gifts and souvenirs were left at the wall in memory of loved ones.  There was a lovely wreath on a stand, and flags were in view in several places.  Military guards were present 24 hours too.  Young men from Mo Air Natl Guard and other units.  Each evening there was a program and the night I was there it began to rain literally just as the evening's program began, so we moved into the Lindbergh High School auditorium.  The Wall was on the parking lot, plenty of parking for visitors and a very nice space to accommodate many visitors.  I believe in all there were something like 500 volunteers involved in bringing this wonderful memorial to the people of Missouri.  I wanted you all to know of course that I visited Jerry Rawlings'
and Jeff Beardsley's names on the Wall, just as I have done in Washington, DC.  The picture here is the two request sheets used to give me the location of the names.

I spent a full day and evening volunteering to help feed the many volunteers - we had pizza, fruit, cold drinks, breakfast sweets in the morning, sandwiches and such to sustain the soldiers and other volunteers constantly in attendance.  Our classmate Frank West, himself a Vet, stopped by to say hello, which was a nice KHS treat!  I had the pleasure of seeing several others whom I know and met many wonderful folks giving of their time and energy to assist the public as they paid their respects, mourned or simply visited out of a sense of history and honor.  My friend Sandie Grassino was in charge of providing all the food for the volunteers and I'm so glad she asked me to help - I doubt anyone went hungry!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Traveling Classmates return from Hawaii

Bob & CJ O'Neill have returned home from a two week jaunt to Hawaii, lookin' really great you guys!  And Pat and Dave Hoag are setting off soon for a two week jaunt to Greece and other places that direction.  Who else is traveling this summer?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Viet Nam War KHS65 veteran, VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

For my Kirkwood friends, I need some help.  I am involved in the coming exhibit, The Traveling Wall, the VietNam Veterans Memorial.  We had a classmate named Jeffrey Randolph Beardsley.  His name is on the Wall, panel 38W.  The records state he was from York, PA.  I've known for many years he died during the VietNam War but someone told me this is not our Jeff B.  The records all add up, born 4/1947, joined the Marines 8/68, died 11/18/68 in South Viet Nam.  But the record says he was from York, PA.  I THINK I later learned his parents had moved after we graduated from KHS, and being still young, he might have moved with them, or at least might not have enlisted as a resident of Kirkwood.  I want to get this straight, I found no other Jeffrey Randolph Beardsley than ours when I did a cursory internet search. 

 I am going to be posting more info about the Traveling Wall, which will be at Lindbergh High School 6/13-16 and am looking for volunteers to help with the food service for the many volunteers needed to tend to the exhibit.  There will be many volunteers to feed, as there will be those walking the Wall  24 hours per day, those assisting visitors, etc. etc.  Stay tuned!  I've satisfied myself that the Jeff Beardsley on The Wall is our Jeff. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE SOME TIME AND WANT TO HELP WHILE THE WALL IS HERE, LESLIE@KHS65.COM 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Don Stream's mom passes away - her obituary

Here is an email I just received from the Kirkwood School District.  Many of you know Don of our class and many others know his brother Rick from his wonderful community service in Kirkwood:

 As many of you are friends and colleagues of the Stream family, we wanted to share Joan Stream's obituary and memorial service information with you. Please keep the Stream family in your thoughts and prayers.
Stream, Joan (nee Abbott), 89, a longtime resident of Kirkwood died peacefully April 3, 2013, surrounded by her loving family.
Beloved wife of the late Lawrence Edward Stream who passed away in 1963 at the age of 42; dear sister of the late Eleanor Wright; dear mother of Donald (Joann) Stream; Eric “Rick” (Ellen) Stream; Roger Stream; Douglas (Anne) Stream; Scott (Debbie) Stream; Jeffrey (Shelly) Stream; Chris (Nancy) Stream; and Laurie Stream.  Dear grandmother to nineteen, great-grandmother to six, aunt, cousin and friend to many.
A 1941 graduate of University City High School, Mrs. Stream received a full scholarship to attend Brown University where she met her future husband, Larry.  He graduated early to serve as a Naval officer in the Pacific during WWII and she transferred to Washington University in St. Louis and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1945; first in her class.  She and Larry were married the next year, settled in St. Louis and began their family of eight children before moving to Kirkwood in 1951.  
Mrs. Stream’s many activities and volunteer work included: Keysor Elementary School where her children attended for 24 years; an Elder and Deacon at First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood where she was a member for over 62 years; a Pink Lady volunteer at St. Joseph Hospital; a volunteer with the youth baseball Khoury League; an active supporter of the Muny Opera since 1946; Forest Park forever member and St. Louis Zoo Friend.  She was also an avid St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan all of her life.
A service will be held Sunday, April 7, 3 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood, 100 E. Adams, 63122.  A reception at the church will follow immediately.  A private burial will be held Monday morning.  The family is grateful and wishes to thank Bethesda Dilworth Nursing Home for the excellent care Mrs. Stream received the last six years.
Donations may be made to the Salvation Army of St. Louis or the Kirkwood School District Foundation c/o Joan Stream Scholarship Fund.

Friday, March 29, 2013


I still haven't been able to find a new way to do all the photos on the website photo gallery, so the comments are turned off to prevent the awful spam I was getting.  BUT if you go to the top album now contains about 15 photos from the picnic in October, 2012.  Be sure to scroll down here to my October 13, 2012 post for others that aren't posted on the gallery.  The names on the gallery pix are embedded on the photos, so be sure to click the thumbnail to see the photo in a larger size.  If anyone has more, send them along to me, and maybe I can post them in fewer than 5 months!!!! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The second class of KHS Athletic Hall of Famers has been named and the invitations extended to the Induction Ceremony on April 13 at KHS.

The enclosure card gives one the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to the Kirkwood School District Foundation, and to do so in honor of one of the Inductees if desired.  One may reply by calling 314 213 6123.  Afterward there will be refreshments and cash bar available at Mike Duffy's at 124 W. Jefferson.  It's been a lovely evening each time I have attended.  There is no charge to attend the event and there will be no complimentary refreshments.  Duffy's always has a nice spread though! You will note, perhaps with the same disappointment I felt, that there is only one from the 1960s.  I did try however, making two nominations myself and I know of others who were not chosen; seems odd with all those incredible Track & Field teams we had, to say nothing of some of our other great athletes.  However, if you look at the Coaches, you'll see some very familiar names.  You will see a post about Art Stout if you scroll down to my January, 2011 post about Bob O'Neill's birthday party.  I'm not yet sure if I am attending, don't really want to go alone, so if anyone is looking to go with someone and that someone could be me, give me a call or drop me an email or Facebook message.


Last week I had a lovely email exchange with Pam Dalton Deutsch, one of our Dallas area classmates, and one of my high school idols.  She filled me in on some health issues she is conquering and told me about some fun travel plans upcoming.  We haven't seen Pam in many years, but maybe she'll be in town in a couple of years for our coming 50th anniversary.  In the course of the conversation she asked about M'Linda Jennings and the circumstances of her early death.  That question, which I have been asked several times, reminded me that I never did go in and add M'Linda's death date to my IN MEMORIAM list, so I finally did it.  In the process of talking to Pam, I found the photo of M'Linda's grave which for some reason I thought was particularly poignant.  As a genealogist, I frequent cemeteries and this headstone just struck me as so very sweet while so incredibly sad.  I found she is buried in the High Gate Baptist Cemetery, in Maries County, MO.  Sadly she was born and died in October, gone from the world way too early, leaving behind a loving husband and two children.
At the time of our 10th reunion she was living in Peoria, IL and I believe they were living in Milwaukee when she died.  Here is the entry from our 1975 Reunion book:

"M'Linda Jennings Flynn now lives in Peoria, IL with her husband, Tom, whom she met at Drake University.  They have 1 son, Brian, who is almost 3.  M'Linda graduated from Bradley in 1970 with a BS in Elementary Education with a major in Language Arts.  She plans to go back to Bradley to get her Masters in Speech. She taught 7th and 8th grade in Illinois.  They have toured the French West Indies and Jamaica.  M'Linda likes craft projects and "housewifing".  They go to lots of sports events and take some non-paying chairmanships for Alumni groups.  Mostly just keeping up with Brian keeps her busy."

M'Linda died of an aggressive form of breast cancer, that strain which is more common in younger women I believe.  Perhaps in today's world the miracles of modern medicine could have saved her.  For sure the phrase I see often, "gone too soon but never forgotten" certainly applies to the happy, always smiling M'Linda. If you go to the sidebar post about our Yearbook, you can see her Senior picture to remind yourself of that darling, smiling face.  My thanks go to Pam for giving me the impetus to gather this information, and I know everyone joins me in wishing Pam better health in the coming year.  

Monday, March 11, 2013


It's time for the annual KSDF fundraiser, this year to be held at The Magic House on April 11th.  The night is always fun, good appetizers and cocktails, auction items and raffle prizes.  It's a great opportunity to socialize with Kirkwood folks and support the KSDF's efforts to enhance the student life at Kirkwood schools. You can send in a list of those with whom you wish to sit.  Call the office (314 213 6123) for an invitation to be sent or register by phone.  Reply requested by Friday, March 29th.  Should be a FUN night!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Last evening Lisa Ober of Ober Anderson Gallery in Kirkwood, and friend of Darcie Suits Davis, welcomed some of us into her beautiful gallery for a visit with Darcie.  In attendance were Pat Moisio and date, Karen Lowe Adams, Peggy Entenman, Dianne Eddins Cook, Ric Porte and myself.  We had lovely chatting, lovely refreshments and a tour of the gorgeous art work in Lisa's gallery, some of it her own and other for sale by other artists.  Lots of chatting, laughing and probably some gossiping resounded in the beautiful space at 101A W. Argonne in downtown Kirkwood.  See Lisa at and Lisa Ober Artist on good ole Facebook.  You can see us at Facebook, several pix have been posted.  Ric admitted to not having been back to The Loo since 2005, doesn't seem like that long, but we all know how fast time flies when you're getting older!  Darcie doesn't get back often enough, and this time was sad, she was here for the funeral of a cousin gone way too soon, Tom Marecek KHS64.  Our condolences to Darcie and her whole family in this sad loss.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Hey everyone, I'm on constant overload these days so not much posting!  Sometimes I can't even get a chance to read my Facebook!!!  That's BAD!  But here is great news for those of you in DC, NY, TX and on and GO..I'd REALLY REALLY love to be on this trip!  Please send me a report of your visit!  DARCIE, RON, KAREN & ALL you Texans ya just gotta go!  In my role as a Kentucky Colonel, maybe I can issue an order, but I haven't tried that facet of my honorary status!

Director of Development Jim Velten and former KHS principal Dave Holley (KHS '67) will be hitting the road on the Kirkwood Karavan to visit alumni and friends around the country!
First stop:
Feb. 28 in Washington D.C.!  Thank you to Ray (KHS '68) and Anne Ritchey for hosting the event.  Please join us at the Washington Golf & Country Club, 3017 N. Glebe Road, at 6 p.m.
March 1, the Karavan pulls in to New York City.  Please join us at Hurley's Salon, 232 W. 48th Street, at 6 p.m.
Other stops include:
Austin-March 27
Houston-March 28
Atlanta-April 25
If you live in one of those areas, look for your invitation in the mail.  If you would like information or would like the "Karavan" to come to your neck of the woods, please visit us at