"The good old days....when we weren't good and we weren't old" Barbara Schwarz Moss 2010

MICK MARIETTA IS IN A NURSING HOME WHERE HE WILL REMAIN FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE AFTER A STROKE. HE WOULD ENJOY PHONE CALLS FROM HIS CHILDHOOD FRIENDS TO CHEER HIM UP. His number is 573 885-4500, ask for Mick Marietta. It may be difficult to communicate with him. Mail address is Cuba Manor, 210 Eldon Drive, Cuba, MO 65453.

We seem to all be suffering a common problem these days, WHERE DID OUR LIVES GO? Our brains seem to still be 18, but our bodies are talking a different language. Sarah Orne Jewett puts it much more eloquently than do I:

“Neither of my companions was troubled by her burden of years. I hoped in my heart that I might be like them as I lived on into age, and then smiled to think that I too was no longer very young. So we always keep the same hearts, though our outer framework fails and shows the touch of time.”



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Friday, October 26, 2018


From our classmate Bruce Antle comes a wonderful memory.  The photo isn't great, but he'll try to get a better image... even if you weren't a baseball fan in grade school, check this out, a great story!  I've posted the scan of the article Bruce kindly sent just today, I'll try to fix it up so it is larger to view on the blog when I get a chance...THANKS again Bruce!  Happy Fall to everyone!

BASEBALL SEASON 1958 Khoury League with the Only Woman Manager in Kirkwood

It was the summer of 1958.  We were all in the fifth grade, most of us attended Keyser Elementary School on Geyer Road.  I played second base and outfield. Lew Williamson and Gary VonDerheide were my best friends.  They would also play second base and outfield. I was pretty good at fielding because my dad would always play catch with my brother and me.  He would throw us grounders as well as high flying balls. I wasn’t much good at hitting. Probably because we didn’t practice hitting, the picture window of the family room would have been within range.

At registration time, we were told, “No team if you don’t have a coach or a manager.”  

John Harris’s mother, a fifth grade teacher at Manchester school in the Parkway District, not wanting to disappoint her son and the boys, spoke up. “If they would allow a woman to take on the office, she would do it.”

She would be the only woman Khoury League manager in Kirkwood.  She recruited Mr and Mrs Vern Schmidt who volunteered to be coaches for the boys.

Sponsored by the Kirkwood Western Auto, the team finished second in the Bantam C League that year.  

Pictured: Front Row - Cheerleaders Kathy Pierce, Mary Sue Fillo, Nancy Beckman
Middle Row -  Bruce Antle, Lew Williamson, Gary VonDerheide, John Harris, Steve Huber
Back Row - Larry Lazier, Denny Liddle, Warren Orlick, Mike Kramer, Mark Lawyer
Standing in back- Manager, Mrs. R.A. Harris

Also on the team but not pictured were, Dickie Schmidt, Eddie Sunder, Larry Reutter, Pat Erwin and 
David Mueller. There were also two more cheerleaders Cathy Modray and Carol Summers who
either could not be present on the day of the picture or were out of town. 

It is mind-blowing that very many of these people are still in touch with one another and with our class. I don't know Larry Reutter, Pat Erwin and David Mueller, but you Keysor kids probably do. Carol Summers moved to Massachusetts before we hit KHS and now lives in California. Her parents and mine were best friends, my parents being the god-parents of her little sister. She's only been back once, for a reunion in the 90s, or maybe 2000. Larry Lazier is still here, a retired Kirkwood Fireman who had a great career right here 'at home'. We think Dickie Schmidt was Richard Charles Schmidt of our class, not Rick Schmidt as I speculated earlier. We have no information on R C Schmidt at this time. I have lived near or not far from Manchester School for years! It's still a beautiful red brick building, now housing a popular bridal shop. Cathy Modray was just with us a couple of weeks ago at our mini Reunion at Karen Lowe's home in Kirkwood....

THANK YOU again Bruce for sharing your memories!

Saturday, October 13, 2018


I don't know the year this was taken, Junior High I'm pretty sure.  Back row l to r:
Priscilla Flint, Sandy Schneider, Georgann Meinhardt, Lynn Blackwell, Pat Dunbar, Sue Croce, Mary Ann Dueker, Chris Kleemeier, Kathy Staten.  Bottom l to r:  Sandy Sullivan, Sue Kraft, Joyce Moller, Susan Merritt I think, Gail Sutton, Jamie (Jamieson) Linton, Sharno Merritt I think, Pat Corpening, Sherri Stiff, Joyce Leslie Ker :-)). Sharon please correct me if I got you two mixed up :-)) 

I don't know the year and I don't know why I was never a Candy Striper, I later spent 10 wonderful in the hospital biz! We all lived close to the then St. Joseph's Hospital on Couch Avenue.  Mary Ann Dueker lived literally across the street.  We were all in the same class at KHS65 & at Robinson School and many of us in this pic in the same Scout troop. Mrs. Meinhardt, Mrs. Ker and Mrs. Stiff were our leaders, maybe others but those are the ones I remember best. Mrs. Stiff taught us how to play Bridge! Staten, Sutton, Linton and Stiff all moved before we graduated, although Sherri not far, in fact barely out of the Kirkwood School District. The Suttons went to the church I, Mollers and Krafts did but we lost track of them years ago. Flint, Corpening, Blackwell, Dunbar, Dueker, Meek, Moller, Sharon Merritt, Stiff & I are still here unless someone has moved recently. Croce still in Missouri. Georgann is in FL, Ker in oh darn, I think Arkansas? Kraft in MN, Anyone know where any others are, I'd love to know?

When I was working on this, I was thinking about Lynn, Joyce and Georgann living in those wonderful homes on South Geyer Road and it reminded me that the other day I was coming home through Kirkwood and noticed that 1117 S. Geyer is being torn down - likely to make way for an ugly McMansion ...  luckily there are very few of those situations on South Geyer which is a good thing.  Go here:,+Kirkwood,+MO+63122/@38.5643498,-90.4160149,3a,75y,320.26h,90.77t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sV-H6PeGNsG1gLzmGn7WLrA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x87d8ce7ec70a190d:0x1ff55e45247aa568!8m2!3d38.5644691!4d-90.4164761
to see the house that's's across the street and down a block or so from Lynn and Georgann. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Perhaps many of you in KHS65 will remember Pam Dalton.  If not, check out the Yearbook, she's on page 173.  Tri-Hi-Y president, Student Council, Call circulation manager, Gold K and a Commencement Speaker.  She is also well-known among the girls for having been the steady girl of John Nash, KHS63.  She was fortunate to have been able to visit John at Princeton our Senior Year.  As it turns out that visit was a pivotal time in their relationship.  Fast forward to now.  Pam and John went their separate ways but reconnected in recent years.  Pam was able to visit John a couple of times, once just before his untimely death earlier this year.  I was fortunate to know Pam after we moved to Harwood Hills mid-Junior year, and we rode back & forth to school sometimes.  I so enjoyed a great visit with her and Karen Schurig in Dallas a couple of years ago, see my Facebook page. 

From Pam, and John's family, comes the following obituary.  An amazing person who left Kirkwood High School $100,000 in his Will, to do good things for the children of KHS.  The school is still deciding exactly how to use it in John's honor and memory to benefit the Kirkwood students of today.  Obviously John, like so many of us, felt he had a wonderful beginning in the Kirkwood school system.  Pam sends her greetings to our classmates and we are looking forward to the next class of KHS Hall of Fame for which we'll see to it that John is nominated.  Herewith a review of John's accomplishments, most of us will have a connection to his life's work, read on!  Thank you Pam for your friendship then and now.  Thank you John C. Nash for being part of our lives in so many ways.

John C. Nash died March 6, 2018 in Los Altos, California. He had lived in the Bay area for 35 years, largely in Redwood City.

John entered the Princeton Class of ’67 from Kirkwood, Missouri High School [KHS63] in suburban St. Louis where he had been Student Council Vice-President, class Vice-President, and class valedictorian.

At Princeton John majored in mathematics after first preparing for the psychology department. As he wrote in our 50th Reunion Book, he discovered math was his true interest so spent his sophomore summer catching up on the courses he had needed as preparation for the math department. He roomed with Roger Rudolph, Bob Grant, and Dave Paul in 4A Holder Hall and was an active Elm Club member, the club’s ace pool player and competitor in the inter-club tournaments. He was also a member of Whig-Clio, the James Madison Humorous Debating Society, and the Stock Investment and Analysis Club.

After graduation John went to Stanford for graduate study getting his M.S. in mathematics in 1970 and Ph.D. in 1976. He then taught math at the University of California Santa Cruz from 1975-78, and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, from 1978-83. At the end of 8 years in academia John switched careers to join the private technology industry which was amidst the great computer and digital revolution of personal computing and enterprise systems. He moved back to the San Francisco Bay area and what became Silicon Valley working for a small software design firm from 1983-86, a subsidiary of Xerox Corp called Versatec Corp. When the smaller firm was absorbed by Xerox, John decided to leave to again find a small firm in which to work freed from the large bureaucracy of American corporations. The firm he started with at the time had only 100 employees but grew into its own large business, Adobe Systems. John began as a staffer but rose to become the company’s Principal Scientist which permitted him to often work independently outside the bureaucratic organization doing, as he wrote for the class, “development {of} software for a number of Adobe’s graphics products.” He retired in 2005 having helped establish one of Silicon Valley’s, and our world’s, major indispensable computer business tools.

In retirement John continued his hobbies including collecting rare books from the 1930s Los Angeles genre of crime and detective novels of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett , and James T. Cain, and he pursued his love of cooking, hiking, and watching the film version of  '30s crime stories in the Hollywood “Film Noir” genre.

John is survived by a stepson, Jason, stepdaughter Rachel, and two sisters Diane Schultz [KHS58] and Sue Stoltz [KHS66]. The Class of ’67 is proud of this technology pioneer, who contributed so much to the digital and information economy of the past 4 decades and we are greatly diminished by the loss of a brilliant mathematical innovator and engineer. 

If you would like to contact Pam, please let me know.   

Saturday, October 6, 2018

More on the late Bob Albrecht

I just ran across this blog entry which I do not believe is the same as my earlier posts, for which please scroll down/back a bit to this summer.
Check out :

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Barbara Whelove obituary

Rich Whelove has been a great teacher (I think professor is the proper term) and many other things; his dad was a railroad aficionado and knew some of our classmates through that hobby, one of those being Bob O'Neill who alerted me to the sad loss of Rich's wife recently.  Rich was friends with several of our KHS65 members over the years after high school and college abds such a nice guy!  We send our blessings to him and his family at this sad time.  His daughters are darling, I met them at Rich's mom's funeral here in Kirkwood not too long ago.  Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.  Here is the obituary from the Fulton, MO paper:

Barbara Ann Brazos, Nov. 19, 1950 — Sept. 21, 2018

Barbara Ann Brazos, 67, of Fulton died Friday, Sept. 21, 2018. A celebration of life will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018, at Memorial Funeral Home, 1217 Business Loop 70 W., in Columbia.
Barbara was born in Watertown, Wisconsin, to John and Rose (Gose) Brazos.
Barbara was a devoted wife, mother, sister and grandmother. She never met a stranger and touched souls with her humor. She had a nurturing, maternal instinct and brought this to everyone she met. A psychiatric nurse of over 30 years, she cared deeply about mental health, positive parenting and treating people well. Most of all she loved the people closest to her — her husband, children, grandchildren, brothers and friends; she would drop everything to spend time with them.
She extended this love to all creatures, big and small. As a lifelong lover of animals, her horses, dogs and cats were near and dear to her, many of which she gave a home as they were abandoned. Her passion for people and animals was matched by her love of the arts. In her spare time, she could be found watercolor painting, weaving, creating stamps, playing musical instruments, beekeeping or growing fruit trees and flowers. Her works reflected the beauty she saw in nature.
In later years, she adored spending time with her grandchildren and passing along her love of animals and art. Barb was also an extremely strong and passionate individual who gave herself and her time for the betterment of the community and the world. Her spirit and joy live on in all the lives she touched.
Barbara was preceded in death by her mother, Rose Margaret; father, John; and brother Blaise.
Barbara is survived by her husband, Richard Whelove; daughters, Ona Whelove of San Francisco and Asia Honeysuckle (Denard) of Phoenix; grandchildren, Adeline, Brandon and Independence; siblings Bruce Brazas (Jan) of Batavia, Illinois, and John Brazas of Rochester, New York; stepbrother Kevin West (Deborah) of Ashland, Missouri; nephews and nieces, Jeremy, Ryan, Shawn, Megan, Shannon and Amy; and stepmother, Helen.
If desired, friends may make memorial contributions to Prairie Chapel UMC, 3700 County Road 227, Fulton, MO 65251.

Friday, September 14, 2018

POET and MUSICIAN Alan Yount is at it again!

WOW our KHS65 Poet Laureate Alan Yount is honored with his 8th poem published at Jerry Jazz Musician the jazz musicians' website par excellence.  This is Alan's 118th published poem too!  Gosh!  The new one was JUST published yesterday, so we are privileged to see it when it's hot off the presses.  With a title like 
"Listening to Charlie Parker, Play Jazz, In the Dark
     For Charlie Parker with Strings" 

 it's no surprise it's about Charlie Parker, and Alan thinks it hits a "universal note about people listening to music."  

Alan would be interested in working with a classmate who might want to publish a chapbook of jazz and music poems.  Jack or Judge G, your names come to mind.  He's easy to reach, just send me a note or write to him at aredboat at centurylink dot net.

Congratulations again to Alan - he's spending his retirement very productively!!!  WAY TO GO, yet another KHS65 member making us all look sooo good!
Sunday, GEE, I just saw my own FB page post - I have NO idea where that photo of a Yount headstone w/ horn came from!!!  Alan is alive and well!  Here's the poem!

charlie parker
sits on the end
of my bed
holding his alto sax.
and for pete’s sake!  mr. traps:
buddy rich was also there,
getting his drum kit ready
by the end of the bed.
then ray brown’s there
and making a move
to pick up my old kay bass
with birds eye maple!
and somehow the violins
have snuck in by the door
followed closely
by mitch miller on oboe.
… an oboe has an estranged sound.
(the word oboe … almost sounds
like the sound, when it’s playing),
but it definitely works itself in.

listening to jazz
in the dark at night
there’s a different dimension
bringing together all the notes …
so much closer
and closer.
and then all of a sudden
you … are … there!
playing along
with all of them.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

More Bob Albrecht, please see this post and two earlier this month.

Here is another from Roy Herrera (see earlier post below for more info):

"1976  Tall Sailing Ships from all over the planet sailed into New York

Bob had to see it. Yes he showed up from halfway across the country.

And yes he had a front row seat.

Sitting in a tree on the very southern tip of Manhattan in Battery Park.

Bob had a special enthusiasm about life.

Roy Herrera"

Roy has spent many years living in Brooklyn, not far from the Bridge...LVR

The late Bob Albrecht made such a difference, more information coming in.

Thank you to Roy Herrera and Kathy O'Neil Lang we are getting some wonderful information about our late (June 25, 2018) classmate Bob Albrecht.  I was waiting to post until I could come up with an obituary but so far I haven't found one, but this information may be more valuable anyway.  Check this out and then come back again to read the rest below this link.  If anyone has anything to add please email me!  Be sure to scroll down for another great article about Bob!

Roy Herrera and Bob were in the Army together in the 1967-1968 timeframe.  Bob went in at Fort Gordon in the spring of 1968, and went to Korea.  Jeff Frahm, Roy and Bob were pals and here is an email of January 4, 2001 from Bob to Roy,quoted here with Roy's permission:

"Hay Roy,
Me and the kid, Alden, were thinking about a trip to my sister Dee's house in
Leadville Colorado.  Lost track of Jeff Frahm when he went to Co. a number of
years ago.  Thought we might invade his space.  Horse ranch in the mountains.
I ended up trying and sure enough piece of cake.  While I was at it,
where is Roy, the last I heard from a newsletter, under the bridge. 
    Jeff is in Co. with his 2nd wife, class of 77, horses and dogs and all
of that.  Just had 2 boys in the last 1 1/2 years.  He is doing fine and back
in the slot machine business, via the net and UPS from the mountains north of
Ft. Collins, CO.
    Me, Iam in a relaxed mode on the historic preservation.  Fixing old
house museums.  I get paid some to write about it, but mostly I save the old
materials and do the old methods, copper, slate timbers, etc., that nobody
else is doing.  I figured that if I studied and paid the dues I could be one
of those elite dudes with the knowledge to save those special buildings. 
Well, I got there and it's lonely.  There is no such profession.  Everybody
hires contractors that remodel with minimum wage crews.  The state has a list
of about 2 qualified guys and I am one.  No work from that.  Other things I
have done that would surely bring in the work.  Wrote an article for the Old
House Journal, Got a distinguished service award from the Texas State
Historical Commission (2 a year given out), wrote a book, studied in England
for a summer, Nobody cares.  I am tired of pushing on it, so I have semi
retired, this way when I make no money, it is a hobby.  That felt good, I
knew that it was somebody else's fault, good to see it in writing.
      Gretchen just got married and has a new kid, that is right.  She is now
Gretchen Vasquez.  Alden is out of High School but still no interest in
further education, work or even a hobby.  He is living with his Mom and
borrowing her car.  I now have less strings that any time in the last 20
years.  The Harley is still around.
    I got some Long Horn cattle out there mowing the 20 acers but the track
builders are moving in on me.  I do not seem to have a whole lot of burning
information, been doing the hermit thing. 
Oh, Gretchen and Alden for that matter went to NY NY a couple of years back. 
Can't belive Cheri sent Alden to visit Gretchen in NY.  There was some talk
about a Roy hunt in NY, but it never materialized.  Gretchen was modeling, a
couple of jobs didn't cover the costs.
OK, you are it. Bob, the foe"

Friday, June 29, 2018

Shelby Stout, wife of Beloved Teacher Art Stout, passes away

Just yesterday I learned of the death of Shelby Stout on June 8th.  She was the mother of Art Stout III and grandmother of 3.  She and Mr. Stout were owners of Country Surf Swim Club in Des Peres for a long time and 60 year residents of Kirkwood.  Her Memorial Service was the 19th.  Memorials requested to the Humane Society.  Our classmate Bob O'Neill and Art are particularly good friends and we thank Bob for alerting us to Shelby's death.  While I was not a student of Mr. Stout's, I know many of our classmates were and really thought he was a great teacher.  Condolences to him and their son and grandchildren.

Thursday, June 28, 2018